An Evening of Chocolate!

Join us for an evening of chocolate, with an award winning Chocolatier. Learn about the history & origin of Fairtrade chocolate, whilst enjoying a sample or two!

Time: 7.15pm for 7.30pm start.

Venue: The Samworth Centre, 8 Burton Street, Melton Mowbray.

Tickets: £5, including a glass of wine. Available in advance from The Fair Trading Post, 10 Market Place, Melton Mowbray. 01664 853433

Recent events and Recipes

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015: What Good can Fairtrade Do? A presentation and talk by Charles Chavi, a sugar producer from Malawi. at the Central England Society Cafe, Scalford Rd, Melton Mowbray. 27th February 2015.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2014: Go BANANAS for Fairtrade - click here to check out the Fairtrade fortnight website on the link page above and look out for our stall in the Melton Mowbray Marketplace March 1st.

May 2014: The Fairtrade Fashion show profiling the summer range of Fairtrade clothing available directly from suppliers or via the Fairtrading Post. Returning by popular request.


An on-line search for fairtrade clothing will show you lots of fabulous fashionable option which give you a good look and producers a fair wage for their efforts.


Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 - thank you to all who participated in the Melton Mowbray Fairtrade town bakeoff

Winners of the competition, makers of the fabulous flapjack, flavoured with great Fairtrade ingredients, were Pat Thorpe in the adult section and Jessica Wade in the children's section, judged by Mayor John Illingworth.

Fairtrade Flapjack

What you need:

110g/4oz butter

1 level tablespoon golden syrup (Fairtrade if you can get it)

110g/4oz Fairtrade brown sugar (any of these will work well: Demerara, dark soft brown, light soft brown sugar)

140g/5oz rolled oats (also called porridge oats)

 A shallow baking tin, 7” square, greased – or line with baking parchment.

Set oven to Gas mark 4, 180oC

What you do:

Put the butter, golden syrup and sugars into a large pan and stir over a gentle heat until the sugar and butter are melted.

Then stir in the rolled oats, making sure they are all well coated.

Bake in the centre of oven for about 20minutes – watch carefully, turn the tray around as it starts to colour and remove when it turns golden (do not leave in too long unless you like it chewy!)

Put the tin onto a cooling tray – after 10mins, mark out the portions and leave to cool completely in the tin. Then cut into portions and store in airtight tin.

Suggested extras for : Fruity Flapjack

When you stir in the oats, add a handful each of Fairtrade golden sultanas and Fairtrade raisins or Fairtrade apricots or Fairtrade mango or Fairtrade chocolate etc (80 - 100g of each) or 60g glace cherries, chopped.

You can make a breakfast bar by chopping up a handful of dates, putting them in the pan while the butter and sugar melt, then adding some sunflower seeds or Fairtrade nuts. Experiment and enter our Fairtrade Bake-Off competition!

Fairtrade ingredients available from: The Fairtrading Post, Thorpes Wholefoods and local supermarkets.

And here’s another great Fairtrade recipe you may like to try:

Mocha Slices

What you need:

For the base:

225g / 8oz butter

225g / 8oz Fair Trade golden caster sugar

225g / 8oz self-raising flour, sifted with

50g / 2oz Fair Trade cocoa powder

150g / 5oz porridge oats

For the icing:

50g / 2oz butter

1 tablesp Fair Trade coffee, dissolved in 1 tablesp very hot water

225g / 8oz Fair Trade icing sugar, sifted

Oven Gas 4 / 180C.

7” x 11” shallow tin. Grease or line with baking parchment.

What you do:

Melt the butter in a pan. In a large mixing bowl, stir together sugar, flour, cocoa and oats. Pour melted butter over and stir well to mix.

Turn into the prepared tin and press down well, smoothing the top. Bake for 10 minutes exactly. Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack.

To make the icing, melt the butter and add the coffee. Sift in the icing sugar and beat together. Spread over the cooled cake and make a pattern with the prongs of a fork. Leave to set, then cut into 12 slices.

Happy Tastings!!!

DSCN4839 Melton Mowbray Christmas Tree Festival - the Fairtrade Town Tree

Recipe for back to studying blues...

Divine Brownies

110 gm/4 oz butter; 110 gm/4 oz 70% Dark Chocolate Divine; 270 gm/10 oz Fairtrade golden caster sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract; 2 large eggs; 90 g/3 oz plain flour; 55 gm/2 oz self-raising flour

25 gm/1 oz Fairtrade cocoa powder

Oven Gas 4 or 180 deg C. 7" square tine: butter or line with baking paper

Melt butter and chocolate over pan of simmering water or in microwave

Put sugar in mixing bowl and pour the melted chocolate & butter over. Stir well and leave to cool

Beat in eggs one at a time, plus vanilla, then stir in flour and cocoa. Beat until smooth. Pour into tin & smooth surface.

Bake for 40-45 minutes, until top evenly coloured until cocktail stick comes out almost clean - i.e. with a few moist crumbs attached.

Don't overcook it! Cool in the tin, turn out onto a board and cut into squares.

For variety try the Divine dark chocolate with ginger & orange or add some chopped Fairtrade nuts (macadamia, walnuts, cashews).


Peanut butter cookies makes about 20 cookies

225 g /8 oz self-raising flour; 75 g butter or margarine; 50 gm/2 oz Fair Trade crunchy peanut butter

2 level tablespoons Fairtrade runny honey; 1 level tablespoon Fair Trade light soft brown sugar

Gas 4, 180C. Grease two large baking sheets

Sift the flour into a mixing bowl, add the butter/margarine cut into small pieces and the peanut butter. Use a knife to cut and mix all together or your fingertips to rub in until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs.

Put the honey and sugar into a small pan and warm gently together until the sugar has dissolved. Then pour the honey/sugar over the flour mixture and mix very well with a fork to form a firm dough.

Turn onto a lightly floured table and knead lightly. Divide the mixture into 20 pieces, roll into balls and place, well-spaced, on the baking sheets. Then press the balls flat with a clean, damp fork.

Bake for about 12-15 mintues until they are a pale golden brown. Leave on the baking sheets to harden for a few minutes, then lift off and leave to cool on a wire rack. When cold, store in an airtight tin.


Welcoming the Olympic Torch

The Fairtrade town steering group joined in the celebrations in Play Close to welcome the Torch, with a stall exploring links between countries making Fair trade produce and sending athletes to the London Olympics. A quiz helped to raise awareness.

 olympic torch relay stall

 A Fairtrade breakfast

In May 2012, as part of a national promotion for fairtrade products with a breakfast theme, the steering group hosted a breakfast at the Sage Cross Methodist church in the centre of Melton Mowbray. Around 20 folk dropped in to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and sample a fairtrade flap jack, some of the Eswatini  marmalades and jams from Swaziland or enjoy a bowl of fairtrade muesli. Ingredients for the breakfast, including the flapjacks (see recipe below) were purchased from some of the numerous stockists around the town.

breakfast productsbreakfast hosts